Cold Archive


Cold Archive

Long term storage for infrequently accessed data


What is Cold Archive?

Cold Archive is a trusted & secure long-term storage offer to archive your increasing amount of “cold” data (for legal or business purposes):

  • Compliancy with your specific legal constraints (Industry standards or sovereignty)
  • Cyber Protection against threats or ransomware infection chain
  • 3-2-1 backup best practice with different types of storage media, off-site location and offline copies


What type of data can I archive ?

Storage of the 3rd data set in a resilience plan Data storage for legal reasons Storage of scientific, geospatial, radiology data Media storage

Global architecture

The solution offers a class of service specifically designed for archive. The architecture is extremely redundant and resilient. We thus guarantee the availability of your archive in the unlikely event of an accident or disaster in one datacenter and simultaneously the lost of a tape in a second datacenter. The data is replicated with erasure coding over 4 datacenters 100km apart.

The service offers: 

  • A S3 endpoint to create a bucket and upload data on the bucket through S3 standard API
  • S3 API set to manage the data : archive, restore, delete (and more)

Once archived, data and metadata can not be changed. Metadata remains available in the active bucket for listing.


The design is made of

  • object storage standard class to receive and restore data
  • librairies of tapes to archive the data. 

This long-term storage solution leverage the IBM Enterprise 3592 Tape technology and will be orchestrated by Atempo's software, Miria.   


  • Start:
  • S3 API: S3
  • Endpoint: 
  • Region: RBX-ARCHIVE

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Understanding the bucket status



DescriptionObjects permissionsInvoice




  • Ready to stat, the data can be send to the bucket


  • All
  • Not Intelligent-Tiering configuration pushed on the bucket yet.
  • Invoice as a class of storage Standard Object Storage - S3 API



  • The bucket is freezed. Objects archived on tapes only.
  • Listing
  • Data is invoice the price of archive storage class



  • Objects restored and accessible for one month.
  • After one month the data is moved to "Archived"
  • Read-only
  • Listing


  • Free (duration: one month max)


  • Bucket is empty and can safely be removed




How to use the service ?

You can easily use the service through standard S3 API. Follow a step by step process  

1) create a public cloud project

2) create a user and generate S3 credentials

3) access to the object storage endpoint

4) manage your data with S3 API

This is a free beta

Public Cloud contractual conditions do not apply to this alpha. As it comes without any SLA, this product should be only used for testing and not used in production.

The use of the offer will be charged as soon as it comes to General Availability. Alpha users will be informed 1 month before General Availability, about the targeted Business Model and defined pricing.

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To be part of this BETA, please request an access by filling the survey.


What is the data retrieval time?

The time for the data retrieval to be available depends on the volume of data. For example, for a retrieval of several hundred TB, the average time is 48 hours. For a volume of a few TB, it can be between a few minutes and a few hours

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Early Access
  • General Availability